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Frank Davies. @

KWCUSA Region 1 Finals Hostess
Leap of Fate Karaoke "J" Schraeder

KWCUSA Region 2 Finals Host
Tommy Simpson @

KWCUSA Region 3
Karaoke Krazy
Marshall Gilstrap @

KWCUSA Region 4 Finals Host
Woofers & Tweeters, Inc.
John Nute @

KWCUSA Region 5 Finals Host
STK Karaoke
Scott Hendricks @

KWCUSA Region 6 Finals Host
Show Stoppers
Steve Pennington @

KWCUSA Region 7 Finals Host
Karaoke NiteLife
Bart Loiacono @

KWCUSA Region 8 Finals Host
Tom Brown @
Brown Mobile Music

KWCUSA Region 9 Finals Host
DJ Paul
Long Island Karaoke

KWCUSA Region 10
Kelly Camp @

Fast Track To Fame

Put yourself on internet TV! And tell them KWCUSA sent you!

Congratulations to the winners of the Karoke World Contest and world's best karaoke singers of 2006!

Mike Griffin Vanessa "vee" Echevarra

Robert Bedrossian of KWCUSA hosted 2006 finals in the Karaoke World Contest
The weekend of July 28th-30th in Miami Florida at the Hard Rock Casino!

Results of the Karaoke World Contest 2006 Finals...
Click on names for more information.

1st  Mike Griffin -- USA (Illinois)
2nd  Emilio Martinez -- Cuba
3rd  Corey Keane -- USA (Illinois)
4th  Raymond "RCA" Ancheta -- USA (Hawaii)
5th  Matt Mansfield -- Ireland

1st  Vanessa "vee" Echevarra -- Cuba
2nd  Carmen Montgomery -- USA (New York)
3rd  Melissa -- USA (New York)
4th  Sheri Payne -- Italy
5th  Erica Lustig -- Isreal

Contest ambassador: 
(voted most friendly by contestants)
Brandi Vinson -- USA (Oregon)

Best Dressed:
Manuel Alvarez -- Portugal
Rankings of female singers:
1 Vanessa Echevarra
2 Carmen Montgomery
3 Melissa
4 Sheri Payne
5 Erica Lustig
6 Brandi Vinson
7 Rebecca Fillmore (video)
8 Nicole Hanlin
9 Kathy Capello
10 Amanda Stumbaugh
11 Sandra Esperanza
12 Laronda Thomas
13 Theresa Pope
14 Jennifer Ericksen (video)
Rankings of male singers:
1 Mike Griffin (video)
2 Emilio Martinez
3 Corey Keane (video)
4 Raymond "RCA" Ancheta
5 Matt Mansfield
6 Brandon Filipello (video)
7 Ben "Riff" Jordahl
8 JD Hoffman
9 Karl "KJ" Kromrey
10 Doug Davenport (video)
11 Mike Joye
12 Jim Warbriton
13 Dave Gonzalez
14 Louie
15 William "Edgar" Dickey
16 Barry Barman
17 Fred Shortman
18 Daniel David
19 Ralph
20 Manuel Alvarez

We have created a Karaoke Contest Group at YouTube as a central place where to upload and watch Karaoke World Contest related videos.


Karaoke Contest Group News Feed:

Robert has created a MySpace web site with lot's of information on our singers, photos and links to our friends. You will definitely want to visit it!


You will also want to visit our KWCUSA MySpace web site


Bart also has many many photos from world finals posted at his web site for your viewing pleasure:


We would like to thank our sponsors and many others who have pitched in to make this all possible. First, we would like to thank our world finals location...

Murphys Law Irishpub.com at the HardRock paradise resort in Hollywood, FL
...with a special thanks to Matt Mearian and his crew.

We want to than the first round qualifier location: Legends Cafe in hollywood, FL A huge Thank you goes out to Miller Martinez who was so accomadating in the final hour in accepting our crew.

Thank you to our preferred hotel Ramada and both the locations: The Hollywood Beach Resort and their sales manager Danette Rousseau, they were The absolute best, and helped make our contest so great. They allowed us an area to gather and organize all thruout the weekend and we hosted the second round qualifier in their balroom. we also had help from the ramada downtown hollywood where many of our competitors stayed.

Thank you to our Regional hosts who were there to come thru for us and all of our singers, and who brought their best to the competition and displayed an extraordinary amount of comraderie and excitement.

A big thank you to Paul Fereti, Danielle, and their crew from Long Island Karaoke we couldn't have done it without you, and the utmost respect is given to yourexpertise in handling a competition.

And a super thanks goes out to Bart Loiacono from Karaoke Nitelife for all the prepartory work they did to get the word out about the competition and also for the signage they provided during the entire weekend. ...Bart's crew from Chicago were very enthusiastic and helped to keep everyone on their toes.

KWCUSA's biggest thanks goes out to the Karaoke World Contest's World Finals host himself, Robert Bedrossian for putting this all together for everyone. Robert is an official KWCUSA Tournament Host in Florida. ...And we thank KWCUSA host Boogieman George for his assitance to Robert.

We would also like to thank our judges...

Our judges for the world finals were:

Courtney Young, Miami's hottest daytime dj from...

ClearChannel Big 105.9

Kathy Kozak, Florida Grand Opera voice coach formerly w/ the Juliard school

Bobby Vinton, 30 yr veteran recording artist & talent scout for the HardRock

Our thanks also go out to two fantastic film crews:

Thanks to JR Roberson and his crew from Huckaby Productions Orlando, FL

And to Kelly Shimoda for her wonderful coverage of the goings on behind the scenes thruout the weekend.
Kelly's work may be found at:
Versa Images, Digital Railroad, and at Light Stalkers

KWCUSA, on behalf of the Karaoke World Consortium, would like to extend our remaining thanks to: You, the visitor to this web site; Our tournament hosts and their personel; The sponsors of individual singers who helped with entry fees, and other expenses; All of our singers who entered, The venues of our event, The many tournament judges; To the media and newspapers who helped to spread the word; And all the karaoke junkies and fans everywhere in the world who follow this contest.

2006 Nationals were held as announced: June 15th-18th, 2006 in Muncie Indiana, see Red Hot Karaoke (www.redhotkaraoke.net). Dave has sent us a listing of the National Finalists Standings by email, below is the summary of the top five singers.

Click on names for more information.

1. Pasha Moore from Anderson, Indiana
2. Brandi Vinson from Sweet Home, Oregon
3. Amenda Rehkop from Strumbaugh St. James, Missouri
4. Traci Stine from Farmland, Indiana
5. Lori Wright from Muncie, Indiana
1. Raymond "RCA" Ancheta from Kealia, Hawaii
2. Mike Joye from Augusta, Georgia
3. J D Hoffman from St.James, Missouri
4. Bread Sweat from Matthews, Indiana
5. Todd Berry from Muncie, Indiana

Old NEWS:KWCUSA and other original international contest event partners found it impossible to continue past 2005 under control of the founding partner so we created a new, TRUELY international organization continue the tradition for the sake of our singers and hosts and fans.
Singer competing at 2006 KWCUSA Region 1 Finals
KWCUSA is continueing on course, representing the USA. KWCUSA hosted the 2006 Karaoke World Finals ..and will again every few years, repeating in rotation with other nations. The 2006 Karaoke World Contest World Finals was hosted by our KWCUSA hosts in Miami Florida under the direction of Robert Bedrossian. 2006 world finals were open to all singers from all (other) nations.
Singer competing at 2005 KWCUSA Region 1 Finals

At present there are several other nations who are with us in breaking away and forming a new international organization (Karaoke World Consortium) and a new contest called the Karaoke World Contest. All other nations are hereby requested and encouraged to join us. (Australia will host the world finals in 2007, and Austria will host in 2008.)

We ask for your patience while the information found at this site regarding our new world finals is updated. New information will appear here.

If you are interested in representing your country as a national host, please send an email to fjdavies@yahoo.com with complete information regarding your company.

For assistance in translating between languages please try:

Altavista Babelfish
Google Language Tools

KWCUSA team members who represented America at
the 2005 Karaoke World Championships

Click on our singer's photographs for more information about them.

Michael Kelly, of Oregon
Placed in the top 10 at KWC 2005

Timothy Duff Morrison, of Alabama
Placed fourth at KWC 2005

Herman Marable Jr., of Michigan

Click here to meet all of our singers from 2005 KWCUSA National Finals. KWCUSA
KWCUSA internet radio, DJ's and producers wanted!

New! KWCUSA would like to announce that Venues, Clubs and KJ's who would like to participate but are either unable to commit to specific dates or would prefer to pay a fee themselves rather than charge singers a fee, may now choose to become affiliated with us as a sponsor! Yes, for a fee, they may hold pre-trials events and sponsor 6 singers into our regular tournament events held by our official KWCUSA hosts.
Click here for more information.

The 2005 season over in the USA!
Prepare for the coming season!
Find your region's current contests by clicking here

Click on your region in the map,
...then scroll down to locate a host in your state.

Contact hosts for complete and updated details regarding the venues, and dates for our final events.

Many of our finals events are open to new entries from regions and states which are unrepresented. Contact your local Regional Finals Host today and ask if you can enter your Regional Finals as a self-sponsored wild card entry representing your state. Singers from Alaska, Hawaii, and our Regions 9 and 10 may contact us regarding entering our USA Finals May 27-28 in Tumwater WA in the same manner. Our aim is to include as many singers as possible, but hosts may be limiting the number of new entries to about a half dozen per state or region so act now to reserve your turn at the mic.

First place winners at 2004 USA Nationals

Bret Harmon and Heidi Ulrich

(Click on Bret to visit his website.)

Bret Harmon placed 3rd in the men's division at the 2004 Karaoke World Championships. Way to go Bret! Heidi sang her way right into finals, ...ranking her among the top 15 karaoke singers in the world in the womens division. KWCUSA thanks them both for representing America!

Jessica, Andrea, and DeJaneira
KWCUSA Kid's Karaoke 2005 National Champions

KJ's and Clubs! Click here to SIGN-UP as a KWCUSA tournament host now!

Articles on KWC 2005.

Nortwest Karaoke & Entertainment Guide.
September 2005

March 2005

Rachel takes World Karaoke title! at:Ireland Online

Check the story from Florida at:Miami New Times

Story on KWC in North Carolina at:MountainX

Articles on KWC 2004.

Story on KWC 2004 at Reuters Reuters

Story on KWC 2004 at MS NBC MS NBC

Story on KWC 2004 at ABC News ABC News

Articles on KWC 2003.

Spin Magazine has published a great article written by Ben Kaplan on the KWC finals last July entitled...We Wiil Rock You!

Did you read the the Reuters news article at CNN?
(...It's gone now, but can still be found at: SMH Australia.)

Hold A KWCUSA Tournament! You can help to see that America is represented each year by holding a tournament in your locale.

Bookmark this page, join or visit the KWCUSA Yahoo Group (to receive contest news by email), and click on REGIONAL MAP above to find out about events in your area.
Join the KWCUSA email list (Yahoo! Group)

Karaoke World Championship Contest

The USA Trials (tournaments) begin in August!
Join the KWCUSA Yahoo Group to stay informed and find your local event hosts.

Click here if you would like to print a single page full color flyer to present to your local hosts and venues. Help us spread the word and enter locally. Click here for a black and white printable version of the same flyer page. Ask your local hosts to participate.

Click here if you are interested in hosting part of the contest.

Click here for assistance in hosting the contest. Instructions. Forms. Rules.
Click for Tutorial on running contests.

Click here to find your local contests from our USA regional map page.

Considering sponsoring us? Click here to help!

Click on Miss Marcella's photo for tips and tricks for Hosts and venues.

Miss Marcella was our first KWCUSANational Hostess, She held the USA Karaoke National Finals in Washington State during 2003, 2004, and 2005.

Miss Marcella hosted our first year's finals on her very first night hosting for E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke & DJ. A little nervous that first year, she gained experience and has passed it on to our other hosts. Dave Nisswonger of Red Hot Karaoke in Indiana replaced her in 2006, however she still remains behind the scenes offering her advice and good wishes to all. Currently Miss Marcella is running her own business doing housekeeping in the Thurston County area of Washington. Visit her web site: Housekeeping By Marcella if you are in need of some year round spring cleaning.

The grass roots all American solution is simply to have everyone pitch in together. Spread the word to your competitors, be they singers, or other hosts, or other venues. The KWCUSA USA finalists represent all of America.

Tim Prelwitz (Timilen Company) previously made our trophys.

Here is a photograph of the trophies KWCUSA awarded to our six 2004 finalists!

Contest hosts, venues and participants previously could order souvenir trophies engraved with their title, event, or other proper information from Timilen Company for $25.00 each.

Contact us if you wish to order trophies or sets and we will attempt to negotiate with Timilen Co for pricing.

KWCUSA purchased the first set to give to our USA finalists (the cost did not come out of the prize fund.)

KWCUSA has also awarded a pair of Agate Blue trophies to our 2003 first place finalists Anne and Shawn.

Join the KWC-USA YahooGroup.

You can help to build
the KWCUSA Prize Fund
by donating any amount
through PayPal.

All funds donated will be
used only to help our

contestants. If you
wish to donate to the contest's
management and offer extended
support, contact us.
directly with your proposal.

Our special thanks to:
Jon Sinclair

Northwest Karaoke & Entertainment Guide

Fresh Flower Card
Monarch Contemporary Art Center and Sculpture Park E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke & DJ
Linder Productions
Timilen Company

Best Western

Cafe Press
Southwest Airlines (For helping our region 6 folks.)
Northwest Karaoke & Entertainment Guide
The Salt Lake Tribune
Spin Magazine
Mountain Xpress
All of our Hosts and Venues
Every Participating Singer
KWCUSA Yahoo Group Members
...And you.

More links

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions!

If your place includes karaoke music, KWCUSA would like you to participate in the Karaoke World Contest USA Team effort to send American representatives to World Finals.

Participating hosts and venues alike are asked to volunteer to hold one additional event. (KWCUSA posts the date and place, making it official.)

In exchange, hosts may hold an official KWCUSA Tournament each year (starting in August. Forms and help are online, and show rights are retained by hosts.)

KWCUSA and the KWCUSA Prize Fund is supported by individual contestants through their entry fees.

Contestants are asked to be proactive and suggest to their local hosts that they participate. (Tell 'em "it's free, ...except for all the work!")

We Have Some Flyers to Help Everyone Spread the word!

Flyers to show to your local hosts.
Full Color (1 page) Flyer
Black and White version
Flyers for singers.
Full Color (1 page) Flyer
Black and White version

Press Coverage

KWCUSA welcomes the press!

Reporter Ben Kaplan taking notes in preperation of his Spin Magazine Article on the KWC finals last July entitled...
We Wiil Rock You!
For more of Ben's writings click here

KWCUSA welcomes photographers!

Videographer Art singing prior to video recording KWCUSA's 2004 finals.

Copies of Art's Video are now available for $10 (plus $10 S&H.) Contact us directly or simply click the button below to purchase through PayPal.

Photographer Katharina Bosse pauses to have her picture taken while at KWCUSA's 2003 finals.

We would like to welcome Chad Lee SmithsonThe Singing Attorney to KWCUSA. Chad will be helping us with any legal issues which may arise. He is expert in entertainment law and in the Puget Sound area of WA. Contact him if you need an attorney to sing your song.

USA Contest Home ·  Comments · Regional Map · Contest Rules · Contest Forms
We need contestants. Preliminary qualifying contests begin each August and continue through the end of the year when we will move to the semi-final rounds.

And we need Hosts for every event. Hundreds will be required.

We need Karaoke businesses to participate as USA Tournament Hosts and to also oversee and manage and organize the Regional Finals, the State Finals competitions, others to host State Finals competitions, others to host State-Semifinals and many individual karaoke hosts and sponsors for preliminary competitions.

We need YOUR help to sponsor the contests and track the winners.

Host just a single local event, or manage the contest for an entire region of the United States.

Existing local competitions are especially encouraged to contact us immediately so that your event can be included in the World Finals competition run offs as an official event.

Are you the happening Karaoke Host in your area? Get your events sanctioned as part of this contest, and send the winners on the road to world karaoke domination, (and present them with a 'local winners certificate' to participate in the next level of competition.)

Details will be posted here as they unfold so bookmark this page and check back often.

Additional entry fees may be set and collected with the KWCUSA entry fee ($20) by the hosts.

We do not guarantee that they will be enough to fully cover the expense of a round trip ticket and accommodations to World Finals for the winners, but we set them at an amount which will (hopefully) permit this as well as the offset the cost of competing in USA regionals.

The contest is open to everyone. If you sing, we will try to find an event for you to enter. Transportation will be up to the contestants, and the age limitations of the venues may prevent under age contestants from advancing until venues are found which permit them. (Ages 16-20 are advised that this may prevent their full participation as they may not have the chance to compete in the runoff and finals due to local laws. Be advised that we will not refund entry fees based upon this limitation and that young singers who do find local venues in which they may compete will still be required to pay the full fee to the host to compete in a single event.)

Do you have a Karaoke Website? We need your help too!

You can participate in listing schedules for local competitions, or regional events and display pictures and bios of the winners.

We will list your site here (or provide a link to the listings from here) so the singers will easily find their local contest hosts and competitions (you.)

Contact us now by email if you would like to participate. Click here to activate your email program and email to KWCUSA, or fill out the form below.

Join the fun! Let us know that you are interested.

We have just formed a YahooGroup to better communicate with everyone. This will enable us to all communicate through our regular email program, or by going directly to the KWC/USA Contest YahooGroup website. Those using the form below will have their names etc. added to our KWC/USA Contest YahooGroup so that they will be able to stay informed with everyone else. Please use the form below when you have a comment or would like to participate in the management or hosting or sponsorship aspects of the contest.

If you wish to be a contestant send an email to:
That will make you an official member of the KWC/USA Contest YahooGroup and add your name to the mailing list for the contest. It is free and there is nothing to download. You may also subscribe by going to the site directly:

Click to subscribe to the KWC/USA YahooGroup.

Those interested in management, hosting, sponsorship, or commenting, please use this form below.

I'd like to be a KWCUSA Contestant.
I'd like to host a local KWCUSA tournament between August and December, selecting 2 finalists to advance to semi-finals.
I am able to host an additional semi-finals contest in January or February.
I would like to host the State Finals contest in March.
I would like to host the Regional Finals contest in April.

 Enter Your City, County, and State
(So we can forward to the correct regional director.)

 Enter Your Web Site Address

 Enter Your Email Address

You will arrive at our links page after clicking.
Click your back button to return, but please do not submit an address more than once. If you are under the age of 18, get your parents permission before submitting. The Karaoke World Contest world finals are closed to minors under the age of 21.

We have just created the webring below, it is active and you may join now.

Telephone Frank at: (360) 352-0242 for contest information.

Email Frank Davies KWCUSA manager or Email USA National Hostess Miss Marcella

For contest-related questions, please contact Frank Davies    fjdavies@yahoo.com

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